Our journey will involve intimate collaboration and timeless memories for the next significant chapter of your life. Let's get started!

How it works

1. Book a consultation with Rebecca, Head Designer, to discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

2. At your consultation, we will dive deep into what you're looking for, measurements and fabric options.

3. Once you're happy with your final design and fabric choice, payment will be made and we'll get to work!

4. For domestic clients, or those travelling, we will have a first toile (prototype) fitting to ensure the garment has the best fit. For international clients, we may go straight to the final garment, or we can ship the toile to you and have a virtual fitting.

5. Depending on the first fitting, you may be required to have another fitting, or in most cases, we go straight to the final garment. For bridal, expect on average 3-4 fittings.

6. At your final fitting, we'll finally reveal your dream garment! This is an emotional experience as we love to see how happy and confident our clients feel. 

7. You get to take your garment home, or we ship it to you if you're an international client. Meanwhile, we patiently wait to see you glammed up and feeling empowered in RT.


"Rebecca is the most professional and talented person I've worked with. I can only describe her work as magical. Her efficiency and eye for detail is second to none."

Mabintou K.