The Making of our Bespoke Zia Wedding Dress

The Making of our Bespoke Zia Wedding Dress

Wedding bells? In the recent launch of REBECCA TEMBO bridal, we have to admit, the star of the show is truly the bespoke Zia wedding dress. This classic number is named after our lovely sewing machinist who put her heart and soul into producing the dreamiest wedding gown to perfection.

“I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, I just want to make things better.” — Rebecca Tembo

Rebecca wanted to redefine what a fit-and-flare gown would look like for the classic bride who still wants to feel youthful and desirable on her wedding day. From ideation to execution, the aim was to create a timeless silhouette in solid ivory featuring a fitted boned bodice that could compliment the bride’s figure. Whilst also adding voluminous flare from the hip down to bring a healthy dose of drama to the look. 

On a day-to-day, Rebecca operates with a customer-first mentality, and this is no different when it comes to serving her bridal clients. She sketches with the bride in mind, frequently asking herself “How would my bride feel? What are her thoughts when she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror? Does this dress fulfill the dreams and expectations she’s had from a young age?” 

The first fitting 

The making of the Zia wedding gown with Zia Zhang and Giorgia Ferrari

From the first (and only) fitting, we adapted the neckline for a lower, sharpened look to accentuate the bride’s chest. We also made the dress train longer and exaggerated the skirt from the hip to the floor to bring to life the distinct fit-and-flare look that we had in mind.

Whether you are a bride based in the United Kingdom, or international, we highly recommend having a toile fitting. A toile is a prototype of your dress before we cut into your final fabric. For wedding dresses, there may be a few fittings to ensure we achieve the perfect fit. For international brides, these are conducted virtually (unless you choose to travel to our London showroom).

The final look

The Zia wedding dress by REBECCA TEMBO bespoke made in london

Bespoke wedding dress by REBECCA TEMBO fit and flare british london based wedding designer greenwich

After hours of craftsmanship including meticulous hand-sewing detail, we're proud to reveal the Zia wedding dress. She's truly an ageless beauty. If you are interested in our bespoke services and want to start a dream journey of your own, book a consultation here.

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