Real Bride: Savanna Aaron

Real Bride: Savanna Aaron
Tell us about your love story:

I met Shaqiem at my first job, Tenpin Bowling, when we were both 18. At first he thought that I was annoying and just your typical loud girl, but then we started talking a bit more at work and I found out that he lived literally 2 minutes away from me. 

One one of our shifts he said he was going to walk home (bear in mind the walk would have taken him around 45 minutes, at 2am!!), so I said definitely not, get in my taxi! Whilst in the taxi, he put his phone in front of my face with the Snapchat search bar already open! He didn't even say a word, just gave me his phone and I typed in my name. Then we began talking as friends and would hang out together in our friendship groups. Back then I used to host a lot of games nights and other outings, it was great fun. We started to do more activities as twosomes, never really calling them dates just friends doing things together. One evening I invited him over to my house to meet my mom (still as friends at this point) and they really hit it off. We sat there for hours talking, eating food and just making jokes. It turns out, my mother and Shaqiem used to go to the same school (different years of course) so they shared great memories of the past and present. Then one night, quite late into the night, Shaqiem posted a very lovely picture on snapchat, and out of nowhere O said to him, “I fancy you!” (loool!!) He didnt know whether I was drunk or if it was even me on the other end, so he asked me, and I said “Yes, it is me. No, I am not drunk!” And the rest is history hehehe! So yeah, that is our wonderful love story. Ladies, SHOOT YOUR SHOT!!!!! 

What are some memorable moments in your relationship?

The cutest moment was when he sat me on his lap whilst waiting for our takeaway to arrive. Then we he asked me to be his dear girlfriend (05.06.2017).

Going to his island of birth, Sint Maarten for the first time and him being able to show me his past jaunts. The best holiday ever!!

Then of course, the proposal (05.05.2022), again on his beautiful home island, at a beautiful romantic restaurant on the french side, overlooking the lagoon by candlelight! Not me getting all teary eyed typing these memories!

How did you know Shaqiem was the one?

Ahhhh this question!! Not going to lie, I can be quite difficult (not that I would ever admit that to him!). He’s always been so patient with me, and has been able to manage my difficulties. He’s always loved me for me, and has always put in the effort to make sure that we were okay as a partnership. 

How did Shaqiem pop the question?

I jumped the gun a little in my memories, but… there was a restaurant we had planned to go to the first time we went to Sint Maarten, but unfortunately due to the season the restaurant was closed so we weren't able to go. The second year he was able to get us a reservation with a lovely table overlooking the lagoon, candlelight glowing on our faces. Shaq is quite poetic when he wants to be, so he started to talk about our memories and the day we went on our first date and then he got down on bended knee and said, “Savanna Chante Lydia Grant, will you be my wife?”. Aww he was so nervous bless him, but he did it and he done me proud.

What made you decide to purchase a bespoke REBECCA TEMBO wedding dress?

I went wedding dress shopping for the first time, tried on about 15 dresses and saw a few that I liked, but I wanted them all to be amalgamated together to make the perfect dress for me! It was actually one of the lovely fitters who suggested that I get a dress made. 

I knew I always wanted a simple dress, a simple but beautiful dress with a lil bling that suited me well! As we were getting married on the beach, I wanted a very low back dress to keep me cool, as little layers as possible, and my arms to be out. 

How was your experience with REBECCA TEMBO?

At first I was nervous, in the back of my mind I kept having a recurring thought of, “What if I end up hating the dress? What if I put on weight? What if I cannot afford to go bespoke?” There were too many what ifs, but I knew that if I didn't try now, I would be stuck with a dress that I hated. Thankfully Rebecca was on it! She was able to draw up my exact vision, a few alterations here and there but Rebecca was always patient with me. Even when I brought my sister down, still very patient and welcoming of the opinions. 

My favourite moments were receiving the official drawing of my wedding dress (currently sitting proud on our bedroom shelf), such a thoughtful gift to give! As well as when my completed bespoke wedding dress was handed over to me, the feelings started to sink in! I'm actually getting married eek!!

What advice would you give to future brides looking for a bespoke wedding dress?

Be open and honest with your designer, remember it is your dress that you're paying a lot of money for. You of course want it to be exactly how you want it to be. Think of the pictures that will last a lifetime, you want to look back and be able to smile at how beautiful you look. There are 1000’s of wedding dresses out there, it can get to a point where you feel overwhelmed with the choice and ensuring the perfect dress gets made for you, but talk with your designer. They have the expertise and the knowledge to be able to advise on the designs and create your perfect dress!


Photographer - Richard (Instagram: @rtghphotography)

MUA - Perlerare (Instagram: @makeupbyperlerare)


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