Real Bride: Abbi Wellington

Real Bride: Abbi Wellington
Tell us about your love story:

Jack and I have always known each other, our dads went to school together, worked together and played rugby together. Jack was two years ahead of me in school and I always fancied him! We went on a school skiing trip to Austria in 2009 (!) and were talking on MSN (!) before we left for the trip. It was the typical butterflies in the belly moment for me. We went on the trip, spent lots of time together and you could say, the rest is history.

How did you know Jack was the one?

I’m pretty sure I always knew. Jack fitted into my family right from the start and that was so important to me. We grew up together but even at a young age we understood that space was sometimes important to allow each other to grow. 

I think that was the secret. The older we got, the more I came to learn that I was just as important to his life as he was to mine. We are the best of friends; we make each other laugh and continue to have lots of fun together.

How did Jack pop the question?

My family have had a holiday villa in Menorca for 40 years. Our family summer holidays are always spent there, and Jack started to come with us when we got together. It’s a very special place, with memories on every corner. 

Jack proposed at a little cala, just down from the villa where I’d spent so many happy times as a child. It was surreal. I swear the whole world stopped for a minute. It was perfect. 

What made you decide to purchase a REBECCA TEMBO bespoke bridal jumpsuit?

I started to realise that I wanted an evening outfit change that I could dance in, as my wedding gown was very fitted. I stumbled across RT on Instagram and got chatting with Rebecca. I knew that this was going to be something special. I’d literally never met Rebecca, but I could tell how passionate she was about her craft. It was fate!

I had an idea in my head that I liked and Rebecca just brought it to life when she sourced the sample material. Rebecca sent the toile (a prototype of the jumpsuit before making the final one) and I was like, YES! It was so classy but effective.

How was your experience with REBECCA TEMBO?

I was obsessed from the minute the toile and material arrived. I felt like a celebrity! Rebecca was so helpful and patient, as we had to do all our fittings virtually. The final product was perfect, it fitted like a glove and to achieve that from virtual fittings is seriously incredible. 

Me, my mum and one of my bridesmaids came to London to collect the jumpsuit and all I remember it walking in and feeling overwhelmed. Thank you won’t ever be enough! 

Tell us about your special day:

We got married at Cefn Tilla Court, Usk. The weather was gorgeous! We were so lucky.

My RT jumpsuit was a surprise for Jack and his reaction was incredible. The song “baddest of them all” was playing as I walked in, my bridesmaids were all screaming. It was just incredible! I just felt like the best version of me!  No better feeling than being confident in your own skin. 

What advice would you give to future brides looking for a bespoke wedding outfit?

Have an idea of what you want, but always be guided by the professional! Trust Rebecca, you won’t regret it!

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Make up - Meg Goodchild (Instagram: @thefaceboss)

Hair - Meg (Instagram: @hair__by__meg) 

Photography – Geraint Roberts (Instagram: @geraintrobertsphoto)