Real Bride: Kristin Dahlstrand

Real Bride: Kristin Dahlstrand
Tell us about your love story:

Tayleigh and I met about 2 years after I (Kristin) had come out of a bad divorce. One night while at home on the couch (with a bottle of wine of course), I switched my Bumble profile to include women. Tayleigh was the first one to pop up for me,  and turns out her best friend Ryan was playing around on her app, so really I was talking to Ryan in the beginning ;)  We shared old-fashioned’s on our first date at a Richmond, Virginia bar called Jasper. The night we met, we both felt an overwhelming sense of calm. It was like we had known each other for years -- or perhaps in another life. 

What are some memorable moments in your relationship? 

There are so many. We have traveled to many countries together– Tayleigh is my adventure buddy. She gets me out of my head and trying something new. In 2019 we went to Hawaii together, and I truly think that is where we solidified our bond. I remember sitting next to her on the beach thinking “I can be truly and utterly me when I am around her, I don’t have to hide a thing”. She then looked over at me as if she had read my mind and said “I am so comfortable around you, I never have to worry if you are judging me”. 

How did you know Tayleigh was the one?

The night we met each other, I remember going to the bathroom to take a minute and process. Something that surprised me was that I found myself staring in the mirror saying “I found someone my soul can rest with”. I think that is when I knew somehow. I didn’t know what loving her meant at that point, but my soul tipped me off to the great journey ahead of loving her. 

How did you both pop the question to each other?

I (Kristin) proposed to Tayleigh on January 1, 2021, in a dear friend’s cabin. This was shortly after I had ruptured my Achilles, and our close friend Leslie was there to make sure I didn’t faceplant while asking Tay to commit to the rest of our lives together. As the ball dropped, I played a video compilation of some close friends sharing what they love about Tayleigh. At the end of the video, I popped up on the screen only to introduce my “live” self to share my love for Tayleigh face to face. We cried, drank, and celebrated in that cozy cabin and glowed with the excitement of life to come. 

Tayleigh proposed to me shortly after this on a trip to Tulum with some close friends. It was a sunset cruise on a private yacht with our buddies, and we had just finished a snorkel trip that involved a Barracuda encounter. After we dried off, recovered, and grabbed a drink or two, Tay pulled a ring out of her bathing suit top to present to me. I had to wonder how long that had been there but was also excited to hear her sweet words. We danced and celebrated as the sunset. It was very important to us that we had the opportunity to propose to each other and share the many reasons why we want to commit to a life together.


What made you decide to purchase a REBECCA TEMBO bespoke bridal jumpsuit?

My friend and “Pridesmaid” Becca Dooley sent me an Instagram post with a picture of the jumpsuit and said, “K– you need this”. It was everything I wanted but did not know how to express or visualize. As a queer woman I had wanted something that was not overly feminine or masculine. 

I wanted a something fitting for a beach wedding but that also looked elegant and refined. Form flattering with unique details to catch the eye. My friends and guests called it “mermaid chic!” because I paired it with a long loose fishtail braid! 

How was your experience with REBECCA TEMBO?

I honestly could not even believe how quickly Rebecca responded. Everything was clearly communicated and she was SO kind. I felt comfortable expressing my desires and confident that she actually cared to deliver a product that I would love. 

Rebecca had a lot on her plate with festivals and new designs, but she still made time to communicate with me and set clear expectations even with our time difference! It was so easy to schedule our measuring consultation, she was extremely accommodating. 

I tried my bridal jumpsuit for the first time a few months before the wedding and I remember saying, “THIS. This is it.” I felt ME in the jumpsuit. It was like it was perfectly made and designed just for me.

Tell us about your special day:
Tayleigh and I got married on a small 5 mile island called Caye Caulker off the coast of Belize! The night before our wedding, we took some guests on a sunset Catarman. We gave a welcome speech sharing how much we appreciated them being there. We also did a welcome party for all guest and had an open mic night! It was incredibly special for us to do a destination wedding on a small island because it felt like we were all taking a trip together. The day after we got married we still got to spend time with our guests and it felt intimate and intentional. 
What advice would you give to future brides looking for a bespoke wedding dress/jumpsuit?

I would say don’t be afraid to have a conversation with your friends/loved ones, or someone like Rebecca. Share what you’re looking for, even if you don’t quite know what that is. Your community will surround you and point you in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want! If something feels off, trust your gut and keep working until you feel like you. 


Photographer - Lexi Ann (Instagram: @inthealpenglow)
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