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Bride to be?

It can be challenging to find that one unique piece you want to wear on your special day. That's where REBECCA TEMBO comes in. Explore the possibilities of our bespoke bridal service.


"I felt like I was on top of the world. What's so amazing about Rebecca Tembo is that she takes her craft seriously. You can see her passion, you can see her dedication. You can see that she's so meticulous with every single detail."

- Bisi Akins, UK


"I honestly have a thousand & 1 [pieces of] content but I honestly want to say a big thank you, I wasn't feeling like myself for quite some time now this outfit really uplifted my spirit so much."

- Rediatu, UK


"Thank youuu! Got so many compliments about it last night!! People were stopping me in the restaurant to ask where my outfit was from!"

- Leila Said, UAE